Do you only make what is available on the shop?

Absolutely not! I can help with designing something specifically for your event. Just complete the quote form with as much information as you can. If you have a picture for inspiration you can email it through to

Do you have a shop front?

One day maybe, however currently I am a home based business. The business is registered through my local council, and receives food safety checks annually.

Where can I find you?

If you would like to head to some local markets I am a permanent stallholder at the following each month.

  • 1st Saturday of the month – Churchill Island Farmers Market 8-1pm
  • 1st Sunday of the month – Altona Meadows Farmers Market 9-2pm
  • 2nd Saturday of the month – Black Rock Famers Market 8-1pm
  • 4th Saturday of the month – Bayside Famers Market 8-1pm

Additional markets are added from time to time also and can be found advertised the week of through all of the social media platforms (@sprinklesspiceiced)

Can I order online and pick up from a market or your kitchen to save on delivery?

Of course you can! Just select pick up on check out and pop in the market or Caulfield in the notes section. If you select Caulfield you will be emailed the pick up address and available times.

Do I need to keep my order in the fridge?

If you have ordered cupcakes or cakes, I always suggest eating them at room temp (They taste so much better) During the summer months they should be kept in the fridge to avoid melting. Just take them out an hour or two prior to eating to get to the best eating conditions.

Choc Smash cakes will need to be kept in the fridge to remain in perfect condition to smash and get all the goodies inside

How can I get in touch?

I prefer everything via email / website contact forms. This just helps to ensure that we both have copies of orders, and when I’m in the kitchen or out making deliveries I cannot answer my phone

My party is on a Sunday and I cannot book it online?

I am actually closed on sundays (unless at a market stall). It’s my only day off for the week.

I do however open to deliver for weddings and large events on a Sunday if required. Large events are any orders over $350.00.

If you don’t fall under a wedding or large event, I can deliver on Saturday. All products will still be perfect for Sunday. You will just need to have the fridge space to store and cakes if ordered (also some venues will accept deliveries the day prior and I can drop there to be kept in their cool room – please speak directly to your venue)